Your Best Choice for Lasting Results 

Plava Bodyworks is a company specializing in providing lasting relief in the Bay Area. Whether your looking for improving well being or rehabilitation, Plava Bodyworks can offer the perfect solution.  Christine Doo, the owner, has an extensive background in different techniques, such as Structural Integration, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release. She personally provides a wide array of services based on techniques that have been scientifically-proven to be effective. By looking at the balance and alignment of the body and attending to the cause rather than just "chasing symptoms", you'll walk out feeling better longer.

About Christine Doo

Christine has been working on people since she was a young, has more than 2,000 hours of training, and is Board Certified in Structural Integration. She spent 6 years working in Sports Medicine, and helping people out of their pain is her passion.

Structural Integration from Plava Bodyworks

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration is one of the services that you receive from Plava Bodyworks. It is popular for clients who are looking for a way to improve their posture and movement. It consists of 12 sessions, which will target the different part and layers of the body to promote balance and coordination. It is a form of structural integration, (the most famous being Rolfing) which is system-oriented and gentle.  It seeks to maximize the well-being of an individual and can also be vital for pain management.  Aside from improved posture, it can result in an deeper understanding of how the body orients itself within gravity. Many clients report feeling taller and more grounded.

At Plava Bodyworks, you can also receive neuromuscular therapy, which can aid in the relief of strain in the muscle, and hence, making it vital as well in pain management. It can be an effective treatment for sciatica, chronic pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome, among others. When a muscle is chronically tight, the nerve is constantly firing, causing a "knot" and referred pain patterns in other locations. Pressure on the neuromuscular (nerve/muscle) junction can deactivate these "trigger points", relaxing the muscle, improving blood flow, and providing relief.  

Myofascial Relief is also utilized in sessions. The technique lengthens and breaks up "fascia", the saran-wrap like layer permeating, and surrounding the muscles. This mobilizes the layers of tissue, freeing up nerves and blood vessels, which can improve movement and flexibility.

Christine Doo has an extensive background in these various forms of Therapeutic Soft tissue Manipulation. Whether it is for pain management, injury rehabilitation, improved athletic performance, or just general well being, her services can be beneficial to your mind body and spirit.